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XO Communications, LLC (previously Nextlink Communications, Concentric Network Corporation and Allegiance Telecom, Inc.) is a telecommunications company owned by Verizon Communications. XO provides managed and converged Internet Protocol (IP) network services for small and medium-sized enterprises. XO delivers services through a mix of fiber-based Ethernet and Ethernet over Copper (EoC).

Nathan shares his frustrating experience on Yelp, "Only been Nextlink customer for exactly one month and I absolutely hate this company. Lousy service, daily internet disruptions & downtime, and ripoff pricing. Calling even a month ahead to set up internet before moving and they couldn't figure out how to get it turned on until after taking residence. Additionally, at no point did they ever mention that payment was due on the spot when techs (finally) installed their crappy product; I was suddenly, without warning, out over $200 dollars just to get their horrible service turned on. They blame the daily interruption on my router that I brought from my last residence - a high-end Netgear router that never had an issue with my former provider Comcast for nearly five years. I actually logged the number of times over three days when the internet would go out and they 'couldn't see the interruptions in their log' and told me to contact Netgear. I can't say enough negative things about their customer service, product, or the company as a whole - avoid Nextlink if at all possible!"


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Construction Crewman Tower (Former Employee) says

"Keep look for something else this place is not worth it have reported to eeoc For Investigation for things that Was inappropriate will never recommend someone"

Tower Climber (Former Employee) says

"Do not waste your time with this company hostile environment There is no job security here people do not know what they were doing here very very fast turnover rate Do not waste your time with this company Every department has favoritism and that is not right I have moved along in 2019 For better opportunities If you’re looking for a job that people Miss treat you and lied to you this is your place"

Network Operations Center Technician (Former Employee) says

"The company is growing fast, thus be prepared for constant process and procedure changes. While there I was able to develop and enhance my IT networking skill set. For that I am grateful."

Worker (Former Employee) says

"They dont care about any employees everyone if just another number on a board. When they got the new HR manager everything went down hill in the fastest way. The manager over the construction area from what I can tell doesn't care about any of his employees only if they make him look good at his job."

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"The Customer Care team are managed very poorly. Ex: they try to provide material to assist with T/S, but fall very short of providing a functional KB."

Human Resources Compliance Specialist (Former Employee) says

"If you're not buddies with those above you, you're on your own. Communication from the HR Director is hideous and disconnected. She micromanages, fails to respond to emails, takes credit for your work, has no grasp of Compliance, refuses to allow OSHA investigations or involvement in the Voluntary Protection Program, and subverts federally mandated reporting. Keeps you constantly off balance. ZERO job security!"

Installation Technician (Former Employee) says

"you could do any thing they asked,have a great attitude, and one slip up your terminated with no warning or heads up the only pluse was new vans that you could take home so you didn't have to wast your own gas hedding to the officecumpany truckincompitant managment"

Undisclosed (Former Employee) says

"This place is an absolute horrible place to work. People rely on their connections (friendships) to advance. They enforce rules to go after people they don't like (I've even seen them change policy to go after somone). If you are friends with the right people you can pretty much get away with anything. This is the most malicious place I have ever worked. Steer clear if at all possible."

Infrastructure supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Management has no idea what they're doing your limited on the knowledge and equipment you can gain working here. You get your 40 hours but not much more then that unless there is outages but that's becoming more minimal. You will be getting underpaid. If you need a job this is a good place if you need a career don't come here"

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"It's not enough pay for busting yourself out in the heat. Your not appreciated like people who work in the office. Even if you work hard it's never good enough they. Management is not organized one bit you never have a set schedule your hours change about every weekBenefits, Work vehicleManagement and supervisors not organized"

Construction Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"I wasn't properly trained, nor was I certified to climb towers. The lack of training caused A lot of tension between myself and the crew I was on. If I had the proper training and guidance I would still be with this company.Alot of hoursLack of training"

Assembler - NextLink (Former Employee) says

"In this company, I was trained to do many works such as assembly the cable, setting and checking the stock, preparing and shipping by customers’ order. However, the wages did not increase even I master those works. There is no health insurance when I worked for this company."

Member of original installation (Former Employee) says

"Traveled to many interesting business in a day, interacting and solving clients issues. I enjoyed the variety of CPE worked on in a day, DSL, Channel Banks, T1, Ethernet Over Copper, Inside wire. Localized support works best for customers, Corporate wanted centralized.Comaradery among work groups, local group activities.Changed to centralized customer support from local customer support."